To the nurse returning from her shift with swollen ankles and dry, cracked hands, exhausted and terrified of the germs she is bringing home to her family

To the restaurant owner struggling to make ends meet but continuing to offer takeout and delivery to the community

To the gas station employees, faces red from the same uncomfortable mask worn every day, sanitizing counters and door handles for the public’s safety

To the local cafe offering free breakfast and lunch to those in need – children home from school, elderly folks avoiding grocery stores, or those on a tight budget

To the farmer selling his produce at affordable prices, rather than gouging like most stores

To the grocery store cashiers, clocking in daily so those working from home may continue to have access to necessities

To teachers getting creative to continue education despite school closures

To the neighbor delivering groceries and prescriptions to the elderly couple next door

Thank you.

Times are tough, but we are tougher.  It’s people like you who will help us prevail.  Thank you!