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Doing Things Differently

You're allowed to do things differently.  Pushed to attend college, pushed to pursue a stable career, pushed to blindly follow rules and processes and procedures - we're all caught in a continuous loop of pushing to reach the next stage because...well, because that's what everyone does.  So that's what we [...]

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Your Future is 2020

I wanted to write about 2020 this week.  With the last full moon of the decade making its appearance on the fifteenth and the holiday season upon us, the New Year is on my mind.  At first, I told myself it was too early.  The more I thought about it [...]

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Kicking The Can Down The Road

"If I waited until I had all my ducks in a row, I'd never get across the street.  Sometimes you just have to gather up what you've got and make a run for it." At G5, we often talk about "kicking the can down the road."  Picture it: you're strolling [...]

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G5 Partner Featured on 60 Minutes

Paul Dotterer & Sons, Inc is a large Land O Lakes dairy farm in Pennsylvania.  Don't let the name fool you; the farm is run by women.  Sisters Candice White and Amanda Condo were featured on 60 Minutes alongside Land O Lakes CEO Beth Ford this week.  The women explained [...]

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Summer Isn’t Over Yet!

If you're anything like me, you've been ignoring the leaves turning, floating down from the trees, and crunching under your feet.  Deliberately looking away is easier than accepting the inevitable autumn. Back to school commercials have been haunting us for weeks now.  We can't go grocery, clothing, or online shopping [...]

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Summer Weekend Guide

Can you believe it's already the last weekend of July?  I know I shouldn't point out how quickly the summer is moving, but the arrival of August is inevitable!  Are you making the most out of your summer? The G5 Team is lucky to live in the Catskill Mountains of [...]

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All In

I don't know if it's cultural, generational, or just human nature, but we all seem to spread ourselves quite thin.  Kids are encouraged to play sports, make good grades, and participate in extracurricular activities.  We normalize going to school, then to practice, then to clubs, then finishing homework, all while [...]

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June Favorites

Can you believe June came and went so quickly?  With it came rain (and lots of it), but June also brought the first day of summer!  School is out, the days are long, and it's time to enjoy ourselves!  Here are some things the G5 Team members have been loving in [...]

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Happy Father’s Day

According to Google, the definition of “father” is “a man in relation to his child or children.”  I don’t know about you, but I found that definition far from comprehensive.  So, I opened a dictionary and looked a little further. “Father: (n) an important figure in the origin and early [...]

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Slow Down

Checking email while eating breakfast, on social media while watching TV, on the phone (half listening) while tidying up the house.  Sound familiar? We're all guilty.  I went for an after-dinner walk last night to enjoy the beautiful weather.  However, my phone was ringing constantly, and I found myself staring at [...]

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