Equine Insurance 

Whether your horse is a pet or a business resource, ownership is expensive and time consuming. No one likes to think about the possibility of something going wrong, but the truth is that horses are at risk for accidents and injuries. Equine insurance may not be able to remedy heartbreak, but it can lessen the economic impacts should your horse run into trouble. G5 Insurance Agency proudly offers equine insurance to customers in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Call 845-842-1226 to learn more or get a quote.

Types of Equine Coverage

Equine insurance includes several types of coverage for your horses including:

Horse Mortality Insurance 

The equivalent of human life insurance, mortality insurance covers the death of the horse.

Loss of Use Equine Insurance

If permanent incapacitation prevents using the horse for its intended purpose, loss of use insurance pays on a percentage basis.

Major Medical Horse Insurance

This covers veterinary bills, like health insurance for humans.

Equine Surgical Insurance 

Policies are available for specific surgical procedures

Horse Breeding Infertility Insurance

If you plan to breed your horses, this insurance covers reproductive failure.

Specified Perils Insurance For Horse Owners

From fires to lightning strikes, specified perils insurance is available for a wide variety of tragedies.

Equine Insurance Coverage Requirements

Veterinary Exam Requirements For Coverage

A veterinary exam may be required in order to issue a policy. Check the requirements carefully, as specific exams may be required for different types of insurance coverage. The cost of the exam and any necessary tests is your responsibility.

Euthanasia Notification & Pre-Authoriztion

If your horse is undergoing severe and incurable suffering, euthanasia may be the most humane option. The AAEP (American Association of Equine Practitioners) has set out guidelines for evaluating the necessity of euthanasia, and your insurance policy may require advance notification and perhaps a second opinion before authorizing this option.

Understanding Your Equine Insurance Policy

All insurance policies are slightly different, and you are responsible for following the guidelines set forth in your policy. Make sure you understand how long you have to report health problems, whether prior approval is required for any procedures, what documentation you must submit with claims, your out of pocket costs, and what situations (such as international travel) may preclude coverage. 

For many people, their horses are like members of the family. For others, they represent significant business interests. Whatever the nature of your relationship with your horse, it is crucial that you understand and willingly undertake the financial, time, and resource commitments involved with ownership. Equine insurance is a smart way to help guard against unexpected financial losses.

Call 845-842-1226 to learn more or get a quote.

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