Expanding Our Team!

We are looking for the next G5 team member! At G5, we strive for continuous progress, growth, and evolution.  We look forward to adding a personal lines account manager to our team! Communication is key at G5 - to ensure that our customers have the best possible experience, our team [...]

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A Recipe for You

It's on every Instagram feed and apparently in every kitchen.  I'm not sure what the hype is all about, but I have nothing against a warm, delicious baked good!  So, here is my favorite banana bread recipe.  May it fill your family's bellies and leave your home smelling sweet! Here's [...]

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No matter how prepared you are, how hard you work, how much time you put in, how dedicated you are, some things are simply out of your control.  You can do everything "right," but the harsh reality is that some things simply do not work out the way you'd like [...]

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Stay-at-Home Resources You Should Know About

Many organizations are providing beneficial resources for those at home. For educational information on how to make the most of working at home, visit LinkedIn Learning. Ranger Rick, PBS Kids, Khan Academy, DuoLingo, and other educational sites are offering free learning materials for children while they are away from school. [...]

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Lessons from a Crocus

By the end of the summer, flowers blend in as part of our everyday landscape, and we hardly give them a second look.  After a long winter, though, seeing the purple head of a crocus poking through the mud can bring anyone a hopeful smile.  With rain comes flowers, and some [...]

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We’re Here For You

G5 is here for you.  We are fully equipped to work from home, allowing us to remain available regardless of what the coming weeks bring.  Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, thoughts, or concerns.  Through the craziness, we look forward to being a steady, reliable resource [...]

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Take a Moment

Being informed is important.  Thanks to the news, podcasts, the radio, and social media, being informed is also unavoidable.  We wake up each morning to new bad news, and each day seems to top the next!  Distinguishing facts from exaggeration seems impossible, leaving us overwhelmed and lacking control. Before you [...]

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Trust the timing of your life, what will be will be, it'll all work out in the end - phrases like these are meant to bring solace to uneasy minds; however, if you're as Type A as I am, these platitudes suggest an unwelcome sense of complacency.  I'm caught in [...]

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