“Perfection is Hiding Insecurity”

I was watching a Gary Vee interview this week, and he said that "perfection is hiding insecurity."  The quote struck me because perfectionism, at least in my head, has a positive connotation.  So what does a negative take on perfectionism look like? As a young professional, I've run into plenty [...]

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What do you bring to the table?

At the center of our office sits a long wooden table.  As a team, we often gather around the table to put our heads together at least once a week.  During a meeting this week, I noticed that each team member literally brings different qualities to the table.  We have [...]

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Doing Things Differently

You're allowed to do things differently.  Pushed to attend college, pushed to pursue a stable career, pushed to blindly follow rules and processes and procedures - we're all caught in a continuous loop of pushing to reach the next stage because...well, because that's what everyone does.  So that's what we [...]

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Automation vs. Humanization

Time is money.  Everyone is busy.  A saved moment now will be utilized and much appreciated later. At G5, every moment is spent capitalizing on efficiency.  How can we achieve the most enjoyable insurance process for our clients? Above all, we value the relationships with our insureds.  Modern technological advancements [...]

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We’re thankful for you!

Happy Thanksgiving! We're thankful to have clients like you - not only on Thanksgiving, but every day.  G5 is what is it because of the generous trust and support from clients like you.  The opportunity to work with you is something we are truly grateful for. May you be surrounded [...]

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“Independent” Means Anything But “Alone”

With companies like Progressive and The General available at your fingertips, why should you use an independent insurance agent like G5? Insurance is complex and can be extremely frustrating.  With a life of your own - family, friends, work - who has time to sit on hold with an insurance [...]

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What Makes G5 G5

What differentiates G5 from any other insurance agency?  The "vibe," the "feel," the "thing" doesn't accurately articulate what we have to offer.  This week, however, really spelled it out. Between phones ringing off the hook, multiple meetings, and new clients walking through the door, everyone in the office was working [...]

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Savings Opportunity for New York Drivers

New York State Defensive Driving Course Sunday, November 10, 2019 10:00 AM Narrowsburg Union Room 101 - Downstairs from G5 Insurance On Sunday, November 10, SUNY Sullivan will be hosting a Defensive Driving Course in the Narrowsburg Union.  G5 Insurance is located on the second floor of the Narrowsburg Union, [...]

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Cashing In Your Chips

You pay your bills, keep your policies up to date, and carry the insurance you should.  Unfortunately, you have a loss (and claims happen to the best of us).  Now what? It's time to cash in your chips.  Up to this point, you've been paying for a "what if."  The [...]

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