New Video Series!

Welcome to G5 Chats!  Since we have clients all over the country, we don’t always get to speak face to face.  The value behind a good, old fashioned conversation is priceless, and we wanted to replicate that the best we can.  This video series is an opportunity to chat with [...]

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Pushing Forward

The only thing I know for sure is that I'll never know everything.  Education has no final destination.  There's always something new to learn in this everchanging world of ours! Tomorrow, I'll begin a new educational program.  Offered through Nationwide, this program will provide insurance knowledge from an outside perspective.  [...]

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Happy Labor Day!

Like all things in 2020, work looked different this year.  Whether your new normal consists of working from home, becoming a home school teacher, or unfortunately not being able to work at all, you deserve this day.  We hope you can safely enjoy the company of family and friends and [...]

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Showing Up

How many places do you have to go in a week?  If you actually counted the number of events you're expected to attend or errands you have to run, you'd probably come up with a disgusting number.  Between grocery store runs, dropping the kids off, taking the dog to the [...]

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Success is Boring

Yeah, you read that right.  Success is boring.   Close your eyes for a second, and picture an Olympian.  Okay, open them.  What did you see? You probably pictured a smiling athlete holding their gold medal with pride, a roaring crowd in the background, and tears of joy in their eyes.  [...]

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Healthy Competition or Detrimental Comparison?

Some healthy competition can be good for a person.  Seeing the hard work of your competitors naturally motivates you. Its human nature to work harder under pressure and run faster when chased.  To avoid spiraling from healthy competition into detrimental comparison, you must keep your eye on the prize rather [...]

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Little by Little

Last week was the American Quarter Horse Association Youth World Show.  The best of the best equestrian youth gather to show their American Quarter Horses in the hopes of becoming a world champion. Watching the faces of those kids light up as they received their golden trophies and took their [...]

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Happy August!

Happy August!  2020 hasn't been easy on us, but we've officially passed the halfway point.  Sending you a high five through the computer for that.  We need to focus on little victories these days! The yearly changes that come with the end of summer have been amplified this year. Maybe [...]

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Insurance & Real Estate

We're fortunate to have strong working relationships with realtors.  Partnership and collaboration allow us to secure insurance coverage that will push home sales forward. “When can we close?” are words that every realtor loves to hear. The process from accepted offer to actual closing is stressful, and one of the [...]

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Welcome Becca!

We're excited to announce our new G5 team member, Becca!  Becca is an expert in personal insurance and values forming strong relationships with her clients.  Like everyone at G5, Becca is a people person.  If you have a personal insurance policy with G5, you can expect to hear from Becca [...]

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